Each one of Kaltham's Pavilion's creations breathes new life into each one of its unique designs and fantastical jewellery pieces. Created with the finest quality and the highest level of craftsmanship, Kaltham's Pavilion is the vision of designer Kaltham Al Majid; a designer with a strong vision to create jewellery that stands out.

With a goal to bring joy and satisfaction to those who wear the pieces, Kaltham strives to merge her eclectic perception of jewellery with her innate knowledge of the craft for jewellery pieces that wow. Whether it is her Enchanted Butterfly Earrings or Aqua Pearl Gardenia collection, each one of Kaltham's pieces plays with the idea of contemporary yet timeless jewels.

Crafted using the finest of pearls, diamonds, precious stones and 18K gold, Kaltham's Pavillion's collections bring together the best of the jewellery world and merge it with a sense of intricacy like no other. Supporting her pret jewellery pieces, are the one of a kind jewels, which stand out for their unparalleled beauty and design exception; Kaltham works to create pieces here that are unseen and true masterpieces.

With the fusion of modern luxury with traditional jewellery notions, Kaltha's Pavillion creates the bejewelled legacy of tomorrow that can be worn and cherished today.