About Us

Kaltham’s Pavilion was established in 2018.

The company’s name “Kaltham’s Pavilion” stands for Kaltham, the Founder’s first name and Pavilion, which means the lower part of the diamond, playing the most important part in making the diamond shine and sparkle.

Our mission is to create unique jewelry pieces with the finest quality and craftsmanship bringing joy and satisfaction to our customers. Most of the jewelry pieces are made of unique colored Sapphires, diamonds and other precious gemstones set in 18Kt Gold.

We offer Bespoke pieces as well as our own unique carefully made collections. Our main goal is to represent Qatari culture and values in the most elegant way by incorporating tradition, culture and nature into our fine jewelry.

Kaltham’s Pavilion aims to be recognized not only in Qatar but all around the world bringing quality, sophistication and beauty to all our beloved customers.